Nasher Sculpture Center Surprise Proposal | Denton, Dallas, DFW Wedding Photographer

I was so lucky to not only witness, but CAPTURE Lloyd asking Marlee to marry him.  He asked in the beautiful Nasher sculpture garden, then had a classic Chevy out front waiting for the two of them.  And what do you do when you have a classic car and you're in downtown Dallas?  You take pictures in front of the Dallas Museum of Art (DMA)!!  That was probably my favorite part, and I'm so glad it worked out so well.  We ended at David Park to pop some champagne and document more memories.  

Congrats, Lloyed and Marlee!  I know you will have a beautiful future together.  <3 <3 <3 

Glittery Bride Feature | White Sparrow Wedding, Quinlan, TX | Wedding Photographer Denton, TX

I’m excited to share that a few of my images from Hailey and Pierce’s January The White Sparrow wedding were published by Glittery Bride today!! I am honored to be featured on such a wonderful blog. Take a look by clicking the link below, and if you’re planning a wedding soon, I would love to capture your story!! 💕💕💕

Kelly and Joe's Harmony Chapel Wedding | Denton and Aubrey, TX Wedding Photographer

This is one of my favorite couples to date. Kelly is the sweetest and Joe is super goofy. They are both kind with hearts of gold (not to mention Joe's insane dance moves). They are such neat individuals and they compliment each other so well. Congrats, Kelly and Joe!!  I hope you're having a blast in The Bahamas!!  <3 <3 <3

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